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About Us

Who are we?

Who are we? That depends if you want to know what we do by day, or by night. Let’s leave the “by night’ part out for now. Simply put, we’re team of entrepreneurs - engineers and marketers, focused on building the absolute best, simple and South Asian Dating site ever.

Aren’t we all tired of the “fob” matrimonial sites? Rather than conform and complain about the norm, we decided to take the South Asian Dating scene by storm. Please note, sometimes we rhyme without shame.

So, where is our Bat cave? TwoMangoes is currently based out of Toronto, San Francisco, and New York City. But, we’re hoping to expand to other super cool locations- London, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, etc., etc.!

Wanna stalk us/check us out? Find us on Twitter, Facebook, blog or drop us a line (email! And maybe even consider joining us?

Meet our team

Jas Banwait - Social Mango

As the TwoMangoes Social Mango, Jas is our Social Media maven and world traveler. She spends her life on Facebook, Twitter and blogs about dating (often based on true stories, but don’t tell her we said that!). Basically, she works too much. Don’t worry though, she knows how to get her party on, like they say: ”you haven’t partied, till you’ve partied with a social mango.”
Anil Jasuja - Event Mango

Anil is the action hero of the mango clan. He spends his time traveling the world and spreading mangoes. His talents include high jumping, break dancing, and making friends.
Daniel Ashwin Pillai - Bollywood Mango

Daniel is the main man when it comes to Communications and Media Relations for TwoMangoes. He knows more about Bollywood than your grandmother and sweet auntie combined. He blogs about Indian pop culture while arranging Skype chats with VIP’s like Priyanka Chopra.
Reena Mumbai - Mumbai Mango

Reena functions as our resident big mouth. She blogs about relationships, friendships, and any other “ship” she sees fit. She also hosts her own podcast called “The Mumbai Talkies”, which you can check out here at TwoMangoes and
Amulya Raja - Project Mango

Amulya is our human task manager and project organizer. Not only does she keep the team together, she also force feeds us exotic foods at lunch time. She is little but packs a mean punch, so we advise that you don’t mess with her, most especially in the dance category.
Joshua Marchon - Business Mango

Joshua makes sure TwoMangoes is the first thing you find when you look for an Indian dating site on the internet. Beyond that, he loves chatting with our users to make sure they have the best experience on TwoMangoes. In his spare time he makes sure he’s up to date with his favorite soccer team – Manchester United.
Paras Dharamshi - Strategic Mango

Paras’ experience with prior online websites gives him the knowledge to plan our strategy and run the analytics. He finds the data, analyzes it, strategizes, and then, saucerizes. What is saucerizing? It means he’s a mean chef, and we like to take FULL advantage of that.
Anita Dharamshi - Marketing Mango

Anita could also be called “Mother Mango”, because, really, she makes sure we all tie our shoes correctly and don’t run with scissors. When she’s not taking care of us, she takes care of the marketing and strategic partnerships for TwoMangoes. If that sounds like two jobs, it is! We’re not sure how she does it all!
Rahul Bhardwaj - Product Mango

Responsible for TwoMangoes’ Product Design and Engineering, Rahul mostly runs around the office, like this dude. Jokes aside, Rahul is the momentum and energy behind TwoMangoes, and he makes sure that, above all, everyone feels appreciated. As one of the Co-founders of TwoMangoes, we think he’s the best boss-man!


We're totally FREE to use! J.Lo was right - love shouldn't cost a thing. We're not driven by the wallets of our members. We get our kicks out of hooking people up, and if we may, we are REALLY good at it. So if you're single join us! Otherwise, please help spread the word because TwoMangoes is South Asian dating done right, bar none!

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